Confessions of an Okay Mom

So, this is my blog. It’s 2018 and I’m trying new things. If you couldn’t tell by the date, I am a bit of a procrastinator.

Tiffany on December 31st 2017: “I should kick off 2018 with a blog. I’m witty and I have loads to say to the world.”
Tiffany on January 1st 2018: “Let’s binge watch SVU and play Candy Crush.”

You know, you never quite realize just how uninteresting your life is until you have to…

***Author’s note. This is how far I got into my first entry before my husband yelled from the other room that there was a level four poop emergency. The type of poop emergency that involves a fully dressed kid tossed in the shower and an entire container of Clorox wipes.***

…and I’m back. Before the interruption I was about to (awkwardly) try to introduce myself. I suppose that about sums me up though. I’m a mom. I’ve got three amazing kids, albeit a little obnoxious from time to time. Yeah, I said it. They’re obnoxious. There’s the twins, Jamie and Wyatt. Who after years of fertility issues were our blessings. Yes. They’re still obnoxious. Though at three years old, isn’t that kind of their whole purpose in life? Then there’s my baby girl. Lily Jo. At just over a year old she is giving her brothers a run for their money. Somedays I have to double check and make sure there aren’t little horns hiding under that hair.
I hate to be one of those moms who sum up their life by talking about their kids. It’s the one piece of advice I try to give my mom friends. Don’t let your kids define you. Raise your hand if you’re a hypocrite. *raises hand* Right now my kids are my life. And that’s ok. I’m ok with that. I know someday soon(when they can wipe their own ass) I’ll have a little more time to be me. I look forward to that day. For now I’m just living life to the fullest…during naptime. Watching too much Netflix, enjoying the comfort of stretch pants and stealing my kid’s snacks. I mean, can we all just agree that fruit snacks are delicious??
So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m an ok mom. A witty conversationalist…ok, I’m a smartass. A mediocre homemaker. An unextraordinary crafter. A wannabe HGTV DIYer. I have a penchant for run-on sentences. Oh, and I make a damn good cinnamon roll. Future blog post idea, maybe?

These are my confessions.


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